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To begin with, I’ve added topics and my opinions on them. You are very welcome to add yours. I see this as growing a common structure tree with our own “personal” leaves.

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Sources of inspiration

One reason why I've started My Paragon Quest group and forum was to find similarly minded folks for accountability. Like many other people I keep on trying to change my life in sudden bursts while dreaming of a more steady pull approach. Meanwhile there's some recent inspiration.
Nerd Fitness blog. Minus their vilification of the food industry which goes against their own proclaimed stand for personal responsibility. This is like blaming the replicator from Star Trek when you ask it for a doughnut and it gives you one.

SuperBetter app if you delete all their quests, etc and add yours. Good for building habits.

On the Abundant Artist website look for "Productivity for Artists: Free training". I think it is suitable for any creative people…

And lastly, I actually never have been impressed by any real life sport performance. Only beautifully staged combats in movies. Until I have seen this: Still can't believe humans can do this!

Wishing you all happiness!

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