Sci-fi and Fantasy Business Mastermind in Shrewsbury, Old Smokey BBQ

Did you ever though of doing any science fiction and fantasy related business activity? For example, organizing conventions (cons) or craft fairs; opening a futuristic art cafe or a gallery; putting together an art exhibition; creating futuristic interiors; starting a space-future-fantasy related tourism and travel business; crafting costumes, sets or props; doing make up and face painting; independent film and game-making; leading nerd-fitness-style exercise groups?

As a person who is interested in almost all of this I would love to discuss ideas and plant seeds of future collaborations.

The place where we meet is nice and comfortable, with Wild West atmosphere. People can have coffee, beer or even proper food.

Please let me know if you are coming and also if you may be late.

You are very welcome to put your ideas in the comments straight away.

An evening in Shrewsbury

Let’s meet and talk. I haven’t been in this place in the evening but it looked nice during the day. Sort of Wild West atmosphere.

Introducing and discussing the idea of the group, then going for a drink, maybe

Lets meet the foyer of the Newtown Library/Llyfrgell Y Drenewydd (Park Ln, Newtown SY16 1EJ, and I have a feeling NOT IN ALABAMA in case your map says so!) I put my painting exhibition here every year, this time it is about the Paragon Quest. The Foyer has chairs and tables and it should be quiet after 5 pm. We can stay here or go for a drink in the nearby town center. Please don’t worry if you can’t make it, I hope to organize more events and they could be closer to you. Also hope to do more outdoor adventures when the weather is a bit better.